About Us

The founder, Alicia Belmont, was raised in the world of jewelry. She watched her father in his workshop, and his team of artisans, creating his handcrafted designs.


When it was her time to build her career, she saw an opportunity to engage in fair trade, improve livelihoods and support Mexican artisans and culture by bringing the true, quality Mexican silver and accesories into the hands of the rest of the world.

The jewelers are members of the "Consejo Regulator de Plata" www.crplatataxco.com. Each product's raw silver is lab tested and certified by The Silver Laboratory.

The Common Problems 

Often, jewellery is poor quality and mass produced

Mexican jewellery is often sold as if it’s handmade, when really it’s not

Not real silver, or poor quality silver

Imported and sold as authentic

Doesn’t actually support local Mexican artisans

Our Solution (Competitive Advantage)

Unique, one-of-a-kind silver and stone pieces

Quality silver, high purity

Handcrafted in Mexico by authentic Mexican artisans

Supporting Mexican culture and livelihoods

Quality guarantee

Purchase our products and directly benefit the lives of Mexican artisans. Buy Now

Mexican Treasures is committed to giving back to the Mexican community. For each piece purchased 5% is saved to be donated to silver women artisans in Taxco.


Mexican Sterling Silver Handcrafted Jewellery in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.
Our artisans are members “Consejo Regulator de la Plata,” The raw silver used is certified by The Silver Laboratory for elemental purity. We are part of a governed group that upholds quality in the silver 

trade. Raw silver blocks are laboratory tested before they are used to manufacture our designs. NOM-033SCFI-1994.